How can I pay?


You can pay either through paypal, bank transfer to my German account or Devender´s Indian account. If you are from [...]

How can I pay?2020-08-21T19:31:22+02:00

How to practice during menstruation?


Take a break from the practical sessions and just watch them. That is a great opportunity to observe Devender´s teaching, [...]

How to practice during menstruation?2020-08-21T19:29:42+02:00

Will there be an exam?


Yes! There will be a demonstration class at the end and a theoretical test. But don´t worry. You will make [...]

Will there be an exam?2020-08-21T19:26:37+02:00

Will there be homework?


A little bit, yes! We want you to read hand-outs or browse through some books etc. It might be [...]

Will there be homework?2020-08-21T19:24:16+02:00

What if I fall behind?


There will be extra ZOOM calls for those student that could not manage to attend the classes live. At the [...]

What if I fall behind?2020-08-21T18:56:24+02:00

Is there a discount?


Yes, there is a discount. If you sign in before September 1st you will get 10% off.

Is there a discount?2020-08-21T18:54:39+02:00

Will my English be good enough?


If you can read this, you will be fine. Most of us are not English native speakers, so don´t worry. [...]

Will my English be good enough?2020-08-21T19:04:54+02:00
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