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This free online workshop will introduce you to HORMONE YOGA. Find out how this sequence will improve your health.

„OMG, this is so effective. No circle issues any more.“ 💃

Hormone Yoga is a special sequence of asanas designed by Dinah Rodrigues to improve our hormonal balance by (re-) activating the endocrine glands. In this free workshop you will learn how this particular Yoga sequence can improve your wellbeing. In this workshop you are going to learn the basics of Hormone Yoga as well as the benefits and also contra-indications. You don´t have to be flexible or a long term Yogini. Hormone Yoga is for every woman.

➡️ You suffer from mood swings or lower abdominal discomfort during menstruation?
➡️ You have to deal with menopause issues and put on weight?
➡️ You are looking for natural support to get pregnant?

Then this is definitely worth trying!

Hey there!

I am Gaby. I help Yoginis to get more connected and guided by interweaving Yoga and Psychology. Here in Germany I run my own Yoga School that I named according to my Yoga path „AumYogaShala“. Since from 2014 until 2020, I have been shuttling between AumYogaShala Gurgaon (India) and AumYogaShala Ratingen (Germany). Earlier, I worked as a freelancer for different schools after my Teacher Training Course in 2009. I also post – graduated in psychology (Psychosynthesis).

In 2010, I met Dinah Rodrigues and got certified by her as a Hormone Yoga Therapist. Since then I have been supporting women to improve their health by teaching this very effective sequence; also in collaboration with gynecologists. There are multiple reasons why we, as women, suffer from hormonal imbalances from time to time. Furthermore, there are stages in life when things start changing, especially around menopause. I am with you!


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